Safe & healthy place-independent working conditions

Looking after your employees starts with caring for people. A good workplace is an important part of that philosophy. Even if they are working from home! Since the announcement of the “intelligent lockdown”, everyone works from home as much as possible.

But even if economic traffic starts to pick up again, more people than before will work from home. The experience gained from working at home and meeting remotely will structurally influence our way of working.


As an employer, you want to provide your employees with a good workplace wherever they are, regardless of the legal obligation. Chances are that your employees do not have an optimally equipped workplace at home. While both employees and you may think the workplace at home is okay.

It is therefore important as an employer to make an inventory of the workplace at home of every employee, to identify any risks and to anticipate these, for example by providing information and / or providing work equipment. A good workplace at home for your employees is essential to prevent (physical) complaints and benefits the productivity and pleasure of your employees.

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How does #thuiswerkRIE works?

Inventory, evaluate and report

#thuiswerkRIE offers an online platform that can be set up entirely in your company look & feel. Your employees are invited to participate in the online inventory by means of a personal email. This inventory is set up in line with the company policy and can be presented in multiple languages and / or adapted to international legislation. A certified assessment of your #thuiswerkRIE is possible.

Your employees anonymously answer questions about the workplace at home, such as work equipment, physical load, workplace layout and psychosocial workload. Based on the answers, the employee receives personal and practical advice to improve the workplace.

The employer receives an overarching report with the draft action plan, built up from all inventories, and the possibility of additional advice.



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